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Luxury Phone Holder | Avoid unsafe situations

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Avoid unsafe situations while driving

You are in the car without navigation. Nowadays you can navigate on your phone, but you are not allowed on your phone while driving. Most phone holders are not universal and will not fit in every car. This universal phone holder literally fits in any car.

It is very annoying if you cannot put the phone away in the car, this can cause a lot of irritation and you put yourself in dangerous situations while driving. Avoid these situations by using the PhoneMount. Set it to the correct altitude and reach your destination safely.

Why is this phone holder for you?

Easy to install - The PhoneMount is very user-friendly. You have it installed in your car in no time

✅ Fits in any car - The round swivel ball allows you to place it in any cup holder regardless of size!
Any phone can fit - The PhoneMount is suitable for any phone, you can place it in portrait or landscape orientation.
✅ Share this great invention! - This is also perfect as a gift. Who wouldn't want to hit the road carefree and safely?

The PhoneMount ™ is more than a normal phone holder. It is easy to install and can literally be placed in any car. So you never have to be clumsy with the navigation in your hand again.

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