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Metal Plant Hangers

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"Metal" Variant

UPDATE March 10th: Due to high demand for the Metal Plant Hangers, the stock is currently very limited!

The Hangers from Plant Treat is more than just hangers! Our Metal plant hangers are created with the finest iron we could get. This makes each plant hanger unique and truly stands out.

Our Metal plant hangers are beautiful and made extremely strong! They can hold both small and big pots with ease.

"Circle" Length - 65 cm / Wide - 34 cm
"Oval" Length - 100 cm / Wide - 16 cm

Premium Plant Hangers

It takes several hours to create plant hangers of this quality. We make these Metal Plant Hangers with a partnership from a smith that competed in Top 10 Worlds Best Smiths. That's why we sell the most valuable plant hangers in the world.

Love From Us

We love our customers. We are all a family that shows love to these beautiful plant hangers, so we include complimentary free hooks just for you when you buy from us.

The Energy

The energy from plant hangers is amazing. When having a plant hanger, you will receive clean oxygen from the plants. The plants on a plant hanger contain a lot of side effects: you will feel joyful, confident, energetic, and just simply will have a wonderful feeling!