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ChickenFriend | The most popular cat toy of 2021

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Never leave your cat alone with stress and boredom again…

NOTE: the sound of ChickenFriend can also be turned off! 😆

As cat lovers, we want nothing more than a happy and healthy cat. Just like humans, cats can also experience stress, with all of the consequences. Often cats get too stressed when they are bored, this is not good for our cats. This can be prevented and we have the solution... Pamper your cat, it's almost pet day!

The ChickenFriend is an advanced cat toy that will ensure your cat is never bored again. The toy has multiple functions, such as a laser that cats love, makes a chick sound and a bell to call your cat to you. Also, the cat toy stays balanced with rolling forward and backward. In short, this is the last toy you need for your cat, everything is included! 

The laser can be turned on by the cat itself, for this your cat only needs to touch the toy. The laser also turns off automatically.

Retains attention to play - The laser retains your cat's attention. As a result, your cat will never be bored again. 

Drive forward and backward - The ChickenFriend drives forward and backward on your cat's command! Your cat can move the toy forward and backward by itself. 

Reduces stress - ChickenFriend reduces your cat's stress by keeping him/her busy.

Always keep your cats with you - Activate the cat bell with the push of a button. This sound lures your cat back to you. Very handy if your mischievous cat keeps running away.

Balance function - The toy is built to stay upright at all times. 

Durable - This toy is made of environmentally friendly and safe ABS, which makes it strong and durable. It also ensures that it will not be damaged by pets.   

Choose the mode yourself - Everything has been thought of! You can choose the mode of the toy yourself with a slider. So the chick sound can also be turned off!

Frequently asked questions:

V: Will my cat be interested in this toy?
A: Virtually all cats are interested in this toy. We have tested this and we also get this as feedback from our customers. This toy can be used by the cat alone or by several cats at once.

V: For which size cat this toy is suitable?
A: This toy is suitable for cats of any age.

V: Does the toy need to be charged?
A: Yes, this toy needs to be charged. Charging cable is included. 

V: What is this toy made of?
A: This toy is made of safe and environmentally friendly ABS material.

V: Does the laser hurt the cat's eyes?
A: This laser is not harmful to the cat's eyes. The laser we use is safe for cats, and the laser is activated by the touch of the cat, and will not directly touch the cat's eyes. The laser is also always on for a short time, so it will not cause any damage.

What is included?:

1x ChickenFriend with charging cable

12 months guarantee

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